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The international calling card with the best rate from the Rate Finder.

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International calling cards and international phone cards.

The World's #1 calling cards website that will save you money. Get an internationalcalling card today,and start saving! Once you create your online account, you can come back at anytime, find the cheapestcalling card rate to your country, and buy the card in less than one minute.

Once your order has been processed you will receive your PIN number(s) online and via e-mail within seconds from your order.(*) To use the calling card all you need is the PIN# and an access phone number. It's that simple!

* Your first order has to be approved by representative. Youwill be contacted shortly after the order was placed to verify validity of information.Once your first order is approved, your phone card pin information will be displayedin the order history on your My Account screen, and delivered to your email automatically.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our product. Once you buy an internationalcalling card ora long distance calling card you know that there is a number that you can calland real people will answer. All our products are 100% covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are the #1 in customer satisfaction among all prepaid phone card web sites. We offer Pinless and Rechargeable cards with the best rates in the market.We do not stop working for you. In order to find you the best phone cards with the best rates, we are continuously growing our network of over than 200 carriers and provider.

As the leading distributor of international calling cards and prepaid phone cards. offers its customers the ability to Call from USA around the world with very low domestic and international rates, instant on-line order and E-mail PINs.

USA2,083$ 201.0
Argentina2,985$ 200.7
Argentina - Buenos Aires5,000$ 200.4
Brazil2,000$ 201.0
Cambodia641$ 203.1
Canada3,571$ 200.6
China3,636$ 200.6
Dubai - UAE200$ 2010.0
Egypt360$ 205.6
Germany3,704$ 200.5
Ghana400$ 205.0
India2,105$ 201.0
India - Ahmedabad2,105$ 201.0
India - Bangalore2,105$ 201.0
India - Hyderabad2,105$ 201.0
India - Mumbai2,105$ 201.0
India - New Delhi2,105$ 201.0
India - PUNE2,105$ 201.0
Iraq - Baghdad901$ 202.2
Iraq - Cellular260$ 207.7
Israel6,250$ 200.3
Japan1,802$ 201.1
Jordan340$ 205.9
Lebanon380$ 205.3
Lebanon - Cellular200$ 2010.0
Niger Republic220$ 209.1
Niger Republic - Cellula180$ 2011.1
Nigeria519$ 203.9
Nigeria - Cellular500$ 204.0
Pakistan1,000$ 202.0
Philippines300$ 206.7
Russia901$ 202.2
Saudi Arabia450$ 204.4
Saudi Arabia - Jeddah526$ 203.8
International calling cards

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